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Hi, I'm Ben Jackson, 21 years of age and I'm the Coach/Founder of TrailTec mountain bike coaching. This is my story...


After spending my early youth playing football, I soon realised I was in the wrong sport when I saw my dad come in from one of his Tuesday night rides caked in mud with a big smile on his face. That is when I ditched the shin pads for knee pads and to this day was the best decision I have ever made.

I grew up in a small village in North Yorkshire (hence the funny accent) and spent most of my youth in the local woods and on the nearby trail centres at the weekend when my mum and dad would drive me to meet friends and have a blast riding bikes. This is where my passion for bikes skyrocketed.

I passed my exams and moved to sixth form. During sixth form, I was trying to balance racing bikes with the work side of things and like all men, I'm no good at multi-tasking. 

I followed a local lad - Tom Wilson, now a good friend of mine, and noticed he was at college where everyone rode bikes. This sounded ideal so I did some digging and found the B.A.S.E course over in Galashiels. I immediately showed my parents and my P.E teacher and they encouraged me to go for it.

So just like that a couple months later I was in and moved to the Tweed Valley, 3 fantastic years later after meeting loads of new friends and other cool people, I ended up with a HND in coaching and developing in sport, TTL level 2 and Outdoor first aid.

Shortly after finishing college I attained a job at the local gym providing bike coaching. A couple months passed and the gym relocated. This ignited the spark and  TrailTec mountain bike coaching was created.

From then on I have met some incredible people all sharing the love for bikes and this has driven my passion for coaching through the roof. Its very rewarding watching people improve and putting a smile on their faces.

That is my story, see you all out on the trails.


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